If the name is a link that means I was able to try out the game and write a breakdown review for it. Whether they meet the quota or not, the games will remain here. However, I will update their status accordingly. This is a very new section so it may end up looking very empty for now.

To Developers:

If you are a developer and wish to have your game on this section and have me try to help you advertise with your crowdfunding, just message me on my facebook page or via twitter. If I have more than one game that I am able to review however, I will have them all on the same post so that it’s fair for everyone (everyone’s game will be the most recent post so that no game get’s drowned). If you are able to provide me with a way to review your game, that would be best because I can show the readers why your game deserves the love and support. I’ll make sure I review it fairly and with an open mind. I do hope you won’t mind if I gave you a respectful but honest opinion.

To Readers:

Please, please, please, I highly encourage you guys to let me know of indie games who need help getting funds.

Blogger’s Message: 

Honestly speaking, I will only help and post games that I know tried their best to stand out and be unique. I won’t post any “rip offs” or total clones. However, I’m fair and open minded. I research the game first before deciding if it is a rip off or clone. I do the same for games I review.


Fran Bow: It’s one of those games where the creepy factor has the potential to make you want to play with the lights on and have occasional “holy riceballs WTF?!” moments. Be ready to see many disturbing and gory scenes meheh…heh…heh…kekekeke…