The statuses of the alpha/beta stages will be changed accordingly when the games officially release. I will also update the games accordingly whenever a new content/update is implemented.


Cart Life (PC): A complex and detailed retail simulation game that doesn’t just simulate how it is to be a vendor as a job, it also simulates the life of a struggling vendor who’s going through certain situations as he/she tries to juggle what’s happening in their lives with running a business.

Cinders (PC): Beautiful fairytale themed visual novel game where your decisions tailor how the story unfolds. Exquisite painting like artstyle that uses motion graphics to bring the pictures to life. Witty dialogue with a great cast of characters. Very high replay value.

Darkout (PC): A sci-fi survival sandbox game with gorgeous graphics that plays with lighting. Survive through an alien world covered with outlandish faunas and floras, beautiful biomes, and great ambiance.

Dungeon Hearts (PC, iPad): Innovative strategic matching game with an RPG element to the twist. Would really keep you on your toes and push your brain to work fast. Kicked my ass on the first boss

Project Zomboid (PC) – Alpha Stage: A zombie survival game that has great music, story, and character. NPCs simulate real life emotional, physical, mental, reactions if a zombiepocalypse would indeed happen in real life.

Reus (PC): A 2d side scrolling “godgame” that shares some similar concepts with one of my most favorite games of all time, Black and White 2. However, instead of having totally devout humans, in Reus, no matter how benevolent you are, greed may make them turn on you and each other. Such is human nature.

To The Moon (PC): An RPG enriched with a story that will hook you in while accompanied by beautiful soundtrack. If you’re into story driven games and are a fan of the classic JRPGs such as: Chrono Trigger, Lunar, old Final Fantasy series, etc., this is a must play!

Under The Ocean (PC) -Alpha Stage: A “Castaway” themed survival game with stunning biomes, music, and a great sense of physics and weather. Game has it’s own unique twists on certain game features that other games of the same genre share. Environment and certain actions impact your character physically.