I have been meaning to create a game review blog, however, being the typical penniless college student, I don’t acquire games as fast as other game reviewers. However, thanks to some of the readers donating (especially Riven), as well as developers who had humbly provided me with their games, not only am I able to host giveaway contests for the readers, I even have “in-pending” games to review!

I originally created this blog as one of those hopefully unbiased and honest reviews because as I game away, I found many game critics reviewing games with great potential in a biased manner, or often times, hyping up a game for a not so honorable reason. Having said that, I had noticed most games that get treated this way were indie games. I also found many great games that are under the radar or put under the rug because of it.

Now, with all that, my main goal is to help those indie or under the radar games get the acknowledgment they deserve. I also hope to give some tutorials or some walkthroughs/tips for those games because most often than not, they tend to not have many written about those things online. I wish to review games with fairly and open minded. I have been playing games for 17 years now (currently 22) and I have been known to game hop many games on the same day because I get bored fast and I’m very picky. These are only my humble outlooks on the games. Thank you for reading them.