Winners for the Reus giveaway to be announced later or tomorrow (depends how busy I am) and might not be able to put out reviews for a bit

June 19, 2013 in Uncategorized


For those who don’t know summer school for me just started and at the moment it’s very busy and hectic. I was actually told to drop 2 classes because I initially was taking 4 of my major classes which the teacher told me was pretty much suicide. I barely have sleep from all the workload we have to do at the moment. Because my schedule is like this, I will have a pretty hard time pushing out reviews let alone play games but I will try my best to still do so. I might however take about 2 weeks from today. Thank you for understanding.


I will be announcing the winner later tonight or tomorrow for Reus. =) I decided to have two winners because there were just too many great entries.

Well class is about to start =) til next time! *hopefully soon*

Lexie T.