Aight, everyone had really great entries that it made me wish I have unlimited copies to give you all. However, the one that stood out the most was Mr. Peter’s post. Thank you everyone for entering! Don’t be sad pandas though if you lost because I’m hosting another giveaway with the next review I’m gna post this week. It’s going to be a god game genre, that as I mentioned, are in many people’s steam wishlist. So if you didn’t win this one, you still have a chance on that one. (hint: If you don’t win on that giveaway, there’s another one after that ;P)

I also updated my page concerning the game I’m working on. I’ll post a video of the opening scene soon, but for now I have a sketch of the protagonist. I really need a stylus because coloring her digitally is taking me forever and my mouse isn’t good for it.

UPDATE: =) Digtally drew and colored her~ New pic posted of testing her ingame via dialogue

You’ll find the details here –>

=) That’s it for now~ Keep on boogyin til you can’t boogy no more folks!

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