Let’s Help the RPG/Simulation Game Stardew Valley Get to E3! (Game created by ConcernedApe, Published by Starbound’s Chucklefish LTD)

May 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

K guys, I was asked  to help get votes for Stardew Valley so that the game can get to E3! Since I already did a sneak peak preview of the game, I agreed to help them. Those of you guys who haven’t heard of the game yet, it’s published by Chucklefish LTD. Sounds familiar? Well those who have been avidly waiting and drooling over Starbound would know of them. That’s right they’re the ones developing that awesome game right now. However, the actual creator of Stardew Valley will be ConcernedApe.

A little summary of the game:

It’s an RPG+Simulation game where you not only build and raise your farm, but you also go on adventures and fight them pesky monsters inside caves. Those who played Harvest Moon and Terraria will experience a wonderful blend of both in the game. Some interesting features include: 4 player co-op fun, you get to interact with NPCs and even seduce…er woo them, and your actions can even impact how well your land fairs!

Check out my sneak peak of the game for more info and demo videos of the features:

Stardew Valley Sneak-Peak Review (I have it set to open in a new tab for you guys)

if ya’ll like what you see click on the link below to vote for em!

Vote here!

Thanks in advance ya’ll!